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Included in Synesis Group of Companies.
Founded in Minsk, 2017.
Pool of high-class developers and international experts that make up the team of 150 people.
High-Tech Park resident.


We develop innovative platforms for all sorts of events with a wide range of activities. The product flexibility allows to make seamless changes and adjust for events with a different infrastructure. Today it could be the top international sporting events, and tomorrow - an international summit or Eurovision Song Contest.


Instant messaging platform. The communication channel that offers team members to work in one chat-space and address the tasks regardless of time & whereabouts.

2019 European Games
Informational portal

The major sporting website of the summer 2019 in Europe! The official Games website is the calling card of the event for all its guests and participants. Easy-to-use, functional and bright - it keeps you in the loop of current events & updates, sets the tone and informs in great detail how Belarus is getting ready to host such an important competition.


Information and technology platform is a 15-module system with a certain functionality that enables the organizers to manage large-scale events in automatic mode (accreditation, transportation, accommodation, medicine, competitions schedule, ticket distribution, etc.). The platform will be implemented at the 2nd European Games. Events Management System is the invisible side of all ambitious events with an audience of millions.