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More than a hundred articles were written about us and our solutions just for the last year
We have proposed a completely new system of management and organisation, which after the European Games can be used for any type of event.
The IT start-up sector in the city is thriving and tech firm Synesis has designed a special app for the European Games… a one-stop shop for information.
Minsk2019 is not just an official European Games app but the guide to the main sports event of this summer.
Video about the last preparations for the 2nd European Games by Eurosport TV-channel.
An augmented reality mobile application for the 2nd European Games in Minsk SportAR will enhance the real world of the upcoming sport event with the virtual world of the Games mascot Lesik.
Developed by LLC Synesis Sport, the app is available on the Android and iOS platforms to users all over the world.
It contains all of the latest news, photos and videos as preparations continue for the second edition of the European Games

We've tried to improve the main page, drawing attention to the main blocks, adding sections and additional links in the menu. We believe that users of the updated website will be able to save time and find the information they want faster.
MicroPlus was appointed due to its extensive experience in supporting sport events, successfully meeting the requirements of both International and European federations.
The Minsk 2019 Games Management System developed by leading Belarusian technology company Synesis sport has proved a highly effective tool in the overall management of the highly successful 2nd European Games
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